Environmental, Health and Safety Services

BBP Hepatitis B Vaccination Program


    1. To provide an offer of Hepatitis B Vaccination to all Virginia Tech employees who have occupational exposure
    2. To provide testing, evaluation, and counseling to employees who have exposure incidents.
    3. To document employee vaccinations and declinations.


  • All medical services will be provided at NO COST to the employee
  • The University will provide, through Environmental Health and Safety Services (EHSS), all approved services.
  • All medical services will be made available at a reasonable time and place.

Receiving the Vaccination Series:

    1. Employees must attend an Introductory Training Session prior to receiving the vaccinations.
    2. All vaccinations will be arranged through Environmental Health & Safety Services. Please call 231-4034 or email sowen@vt.edu to arrange needed vaccinations and training.
    3. The series involves three separate injections, spaced at one and six month intervals.
    4. Employees may choose to decline the vaccinations, and must sign a copy of the Declination Form. Declinations might be made for medical or personal reasons, or because the employee has already been vaccinated. If an employee declines the vaccination, but at a later date decides to accept, the university, through EHSS, shall make the series available at that time provided he or she is an 'at risk' employee.
    5. At the time of preparation of this manual, the U.S. Public Health Service did not recommend a routine booster for Hepatitis B. If the recommendation status should change, then the university, through EHSS, shall provide that service to all employees.