Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Asbestos O & M Program

Purpose, scope and application of this program.

Roles and Responsibilities
EHS, departmental, employee, and contractor responsibilities for asbestos-related activities.

Training requirements for personnel involved with asbestos-related activities.

Required asbestos abatement information to be submitted to VDOLI and EPA.

Bulk Sampling
Requirements for conducting bulk sampling.

Inspection Reports
Required information for the Asbestos Inspection Report

Project Monitoring
Requirements for asbestos project monitoring

Asbestos Disturbances
What to do in the event of an accidental disturbance of ACM

Periodic Surveillance
Requirements for condition assessments of remaining friable ACM in buildings

Required abatement documentation from the Contractor

Definitions related to the Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Program

Program Last revised: May 2019