Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Articulating Lift Requirements

Articulating lifts not only sway during use, but bounce as well, and may result in the operator being ejected from the work platform. Because of this inherent quality, personal fall protection systems (i.e. full body harness with connecting device attached to the articulating liftdesignated anchor point) are required to be used by the operator. Refer to the Operator's Manual for more information. In addition to bouncing hazards due to traveling, the possibility of heavy materials at the work location falling onto the platform/basket and resulting in a springing motion are also possible. The lanyard or connecting device should only be attached to the manufacturer approved designated anchor point, or to an alternate anchor point approved by a safety representative, such as a boom strap.

Articulating lifts are often used on construction sites, and may involve traveling from one work location to another. Always lower the platform to approximately 3 feet or less above the ground when traveling. If you must travel on roadways, such as on campus, an escort vehicle traveling behind the lift is highly recommended.