Hydrofluoric Acid Safety

The EHS Hydrofluoric Acid Safety module is required training for all users of hydrofluoric acid (HF), and for those working in areas where HF is used.  Both groups must be fully aware of HF’s hazards for their own safety.  HF is a highly dangerous corrosive and toxic material.  Work practices for safe handling and specialized training for emergency response, provided in this module, must be mastered by trainees prior to using HF, and strictly adhered to whenever using HF. 

Trainees are encouraged to contact EHS (231-3600) with any questions or concerns regarding the presence or use of this chemical in their research settings.  EHS provides on-site consultations to advise and support research groups with their lab-specific HF safety practices; please call 231-3600 if you would like to schedule a consultation. 

When is refresher training required?  Every 2 years.


Start Date/Time: Online

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