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Fire and Life Safety
  Are employees expected to use a fire extinguisher?
  Are extension cords & adaptors allowed?
  Can I post anything on the ceiling?
  Can I put up flags, banners or curtains?
  Can I use a fan in my area?
  Can I use a Halogen Light in my office/dorm room?
  Can I use a space heater in my area?
  Do I need a fire extinguisher in my area?
  Fire Extinguisher Training Information
  Fire Prevention Plans Training Information
  Hot Work Permit Coordinator Training Information
  How can I get my fire extinguisher serviced?
  How do I determine the maximum occupancy load for a space?
  How do I get a tent permit?
  How do I perform a monthly inspection on portable fire extinguishers?
  How frequently should fire drills be conducted?
  How should flammable chemicals be handled?
  Is it a problem to store equipment or materials in hallways?
  What activities would I need a permit for?
  What are contractor obligations?
  What are EAPs?
  What are intentional false alarms?
  What are the posting requirements for general assembly areas?
  What are the requirements for using a power strip in my office?
  What are the roles in Fire & Life Safety Program?
  What is the Chemical Registration System?
  What is the university smoking policy?
  What is university's storage policy?
  What's the limit for posters or pictures on walls?
  What's the policy for decorations?
  Where do I get an evacuation or emergency exit map for my area?
  Where should emergency egress signs be posted?