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  Common Problems Accessing Online Safety Evaluations
  Equipment Decontamination for Service/Moving
  FDA announces centrifuge recall
  How can I safely ship hazardous materials?
  How do I get a copy of the Chemical Hygiene Plan?
  How do I get an SDS (formerly known as MSDS)?
  How do I get approval for purchasing a refrigerator or freezer?
  How do I get chemicals moved to different locations?
  How do I get my biosafety cabinet or laminar flow hood certified?
  How do I handle laboratory waste?
  How do I manage my chemical, biological, plant or animal wastes?
  How should I dispose of needles or other sharps?
  Mosquito Control and Zika
  Preparing for Media Coverage
  Select Agents Training Information
  Tips for Managing Waste
  What are select agents and toxins?
  What is in a spill clean-up kit and how do I get one?
  What is the Chemical Registration System?
  What is the food and drink policy for research labs?
  What requires a transportation permit?
  What's required to ship biological materials to another facility?
  When should a vented cap be used on waste containers?
Bloodborne Pathogens
  Bloodborne Pathogens training information
  How do I get myself (or my new employee) on a BBP class roster?
  How do I get the Hepatitis B vaccination from EHSS?
  How should I dispose of needles or other sharps?
  I need to arrange refresher BBP training for a large group. Must I send them to a standing class?
  Is the Hepatitis B vaccination safe?
  Mosquito Control and Zika
  What should I do if I am exposed to human blood, tissue, fluids or OPIM while working at VT?
  When is training offered?
  Who must receive Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) training?
  Who should be vaccinated for Hepatitis B?
Boiler and Pressure Vessels
  Are autoclaves boiler and pressure vessels?
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