What is university's storage policy?

Ceiling Clearance - 24 inches in non-sprinklered buildings is strictly required for ceiling clearance. This will allow manual hose streams of water to effectively reach the top of a burning piles and any adjunct storage. Ceiling clearances of 18 inches is required in sprinklered areas to allow the even distribution of water to the storage.

Means of Egress - Combustible materials cannot be stored in corridors or egress paths that could jeopardize the safety of occupants leaving the building.

Equipment Rooms - Combustible materials cannot be stored in boiler rooms, mechanical rooms or electrical closet and equipment rooms.

Fueled Equipment - Motorcycles, mopeds, lawn-care equipment and portable cooking equipment cannot be stored inside buildings. The exception to these is those spaces that are designed and rated for the specific fueled equipment, such as a garage.

Storage under canopies and roofs that project from the building - This would include loading docks, entrance canopies, etc. Storage is permitted if an automatic sprinkler system is present.

Storage Heights - Piled storage in the open cannot exceed 20 feet. This will reduce the size of a potential fire and prevent tip-over potential.