Common Problems Accessing Online Safety Evaluations

Occasionally users have problems accessing the online system for responding to EHS Safety Evaluations. Some previously noted issues are summarized below.

  • The system does not support wireless unless you have a VPN address through the university.
  • Sometimes browser security certificates are not current which leads to connection failures through CAS. If you get such an error message, please try a different browser.
  • Alias names associated with PID's have caused registration problems. Please check with EHS to ensure your correct PID information is being used.
  • If you are responding for someone else, e.g. a faculty member, principal researcher, manager, etc., you should see their name in your list after logging in.  You must click on the name the safety evaluation was addressed to in order to access the items for response.

If you are still having problems, please contact either the EHS auditor who sent the report or call the main number at 231-3600.