Selecting PPE for Laboratories

In order to properly identify personal protective equipment (PPE) needed for a particular job or task, it is imperative to do a hazard analysis of the procedure in question. This involves reviewing the job/tasks/procedure of interest and identifying areas of potential risk related to physical injury, chemical exposure, health effects, etc. This information is useful for inclusion in operating procedures or other protocols developed for the procedure being reviewed. EHS is updating guidance documents for the university community to support existing information already provided. For further details, please refer to the following links and contact EHS as needed.

VT EHS PPE Program
VT PPE Hazard Assessment

General Information CDC/NIOSH
General Information OSHA

Glove Selection Information (remember to use data from the manufacturer of the glove(s) you are using): Ansell , Cole Parmer , Grainger , Microflex , just to list a few examples.