How are empty bottles and/or broken glass containers disposed of?

"We have a large "cardboard box" type of container for broken glass that is full and needs to be removed. Who do we ask or who would be in charge of this service?"

There are a couple of options:

  1. If the box only contains broken glass or bottles with defaced labels that are not contaminated with any hazardous material, and does not contain any empty containers of an EPA P- listed material : tape up the box and put it in the nearest dumpster. Housekeepers / custodial staff, have been instructed not to pick up any ‘broken glass’ boxes.
  2. If the box contains broken glass that is or may be contaminated with any hazardous material and/or empty containers of an EPA P- listed material, the waste must be managed by EHS. For a pick up, please submit a completed waste label per the Chemical Waste Disposal Procedures.