What are the requirements for stormwater management?

Contractors performing planned work on property owned by Virginia Tech shall notify the VT Site and Infrastructure Development (SID) office prior to commencing in any land-disturbing activities or construction activities.

A land-disturbing or construction activity has the potential to generate stormwater pollutants, including sediment deposition, during a runoff producing rain event. Contractors must consult with SID to ensure proper protection of the storm sewer system and local waterways, and proper permitting of land-disturbing activities.

Virginia Tech strictly prohibits the disposal of chemicals and solid waste into storm sewer systems at any time. No hazardous liquids, toxic liquids, solid materials or pollutants shall be discharged into the storm sewer system. Materials from land-disturbing or construction activities that could potentially enter the storm sewer system during rain events include, but are not limited to, gasoline, diesel fuel, antifreeze/coolants, paints, water-proofing materials, concrete, cleaning solvents, glues/adhesives, sanitary toilets, fertilizer, and pesticides.

Any evidence of a non-stormwater discharge entering the storm sewer system shall be immediately reported to EHS at 540-231-9068. For more information relating to this requirement, visit our website at www.sid.vt.edu.