How do I obtain an authorization to work with x-ray producing equipment?

The Radiation Safety Committee / Radiation Safety Officer must authorize the purchase and use of all x-ray equipment. This includes those that generate x-rays as secondary to the primary intent of operation such as electron microscopes. The following steps must be followed to apply for and obtain approval for x-ray authorization.

  • A copy of the Virginia Tech Application for Authorization to Use X-Ray Equipment must be submitted to the Radiation Safety Office for review.
  • All training requirements must be fulfilled according to details given in the Radiation Safety Training Instructions.  Miscellaneous instruments, such as electron microscopes, are excluded from EHS training requirements. Training for these is the responsibility of the designated Laboratory Authority for the license.
  • The applicant will be permitted to begin operations under terms of the Authorization upon receipt of a copy signed by the Radiation Safety Committee Chairman and the Radiation Safety Officer.