Are outside personnel allowed to enter the steam tunnels?

Outside personnel must have approval from Facilities prior to entering the steam tunnels to perform a specific task or provide a specific service.

  • Contractor's bidding on a project, Architects and Engineers designing for the project, and outside inspection/certification services in the steam tunnels must be escorted by trained Facilities personnel working on the project (typically Renovations or Capital Project Managers or Project Coordinators or Mechanical Utilities).
  • Once a contract has been awarded for the project, outside personnel entering the steam tunnels for the scope of the project must enter under their own Confined Space Program, which includes an assessment of the space including air monitoring and employee training. (VT personnel will enter under VT's Confined Space Program and perform a separate assessment and air monitoring.)
  • Contracted labor working under the direct supervision of VT personnel must have proof of training by their company prior to being assigned work in a confined space.  The supervisor in charge should make a copy of the training document and keep it on file.