How do I get an AED in my department?

AEDs are provided in many public spaces on campus already. If your department is interested in purchasing an AED, there are a couple of considerations:

  • AEDs typically cost between $2000-$3000. This will come out of the department's budget.
  • Zoll and Phillips AED are the two brands currently on campus. It is recommended that you purchase one of these brands.
  • AEDs are most effective when used in conjunction with CPR. CPR training is available through EHS for a reasonable fee.
  • AEDs must be inspected monthly to ensure they are in good operating condition, such as batteries charged, pads not expired, no damage, etc.
  • Pads do have expiration dates on them and they will need to be switched out once expired.

For more information, contact Robin McCall-Miller at 231-2341 or