How do I get approval for purchasing a refrigerator or freezer?

EHS reviews refrigerator and freezer purchases to ensure the appropriate types of refrigeration units are being acquired for use in laboratories. Volatile solvents and flammables must not be stored in the unit on sale at Home Depot or Lowes. Purchases must be approved by EHS. 

EHS reviews requests based on the following criteria.

1) Is this purchase for a non-laboratory / chemical use group? For example, student housing, we approve the request immediately and the order proceeds through HokieMart.

2) If this purchase is for a laboratory / chemical use group, then EHS will ask:

  • Is the refrigerator flammable storage rated?
  • Is the freezer-unit a manual defrost?
  • Is this a laboratory-rated refrigerator or household unit?

The questions must be answered before approval can be given. EHS makes every effort to facilitate VT research efforts in ensuring the safety of our campus.

Contact Autumn Timpano with EHS, 231-3247, for further information.