What should I do if I am exposed to an infectious disease due to my work at Virginia Tech?

Rinse the affected area as soon as possible. Wash with soap and water or flush with plain water. Let your supervisor know about the exposure and fill out the Employer’s Accident Report.

You will also need to contact EHSS (either Zack Adams 231-5985 or adamsz@vt.edu, Sarah Owen 231-4034 or sowen@vt.edu, Lisa Kenny 231-3919 or lckenny@vt.edu) about the exposure so that Virginia Tech’s Occupational Health Physician can determine what testing or treatment you will need. You will also need to fill out EHS’s Exposure to Infectious agent report.

If you need emergency treatment for the exposure, please see a medical care provider as soon as possible and contact EHS after the emergency has been taken care of. Be sure to tell the care provider that you may have had exposure to an infectious agent before you arrive for treatment.