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  Animal and Animal-Related Waste Management Chart
  Chemical Storage and Incompatibility Chart 2016
  Collection and Disposal of Wastewater
  Disposal of Landscaping Waste
  Empty Container Disposal Options
  Hazardous Waste Log with Hazard Labels
  Lab Waste Reminders
  Laboratory Relocation Guidelines
  Less is Better from American Chemical Society
  New Large Hazard Label for Waste
  New Requirement to include Hazards on Waste Labels
  New Small Hazard Label for Waste
  Requesting Laboratory Waste Supplies
  Solid Chemical Lab Debris Waste Label
  Using the Safety Management System
  Vented Waste Caps FAQ
  VT DEA Registrant's Drug Certification
Welding, Cutting, Brazing, Soldering
  Filtered Lens Selection
  Occupational Health Assurance Program
X-Ray Safety
  Analytical & Cabinet X-ray Training
  Authorization to Use X-ray Equipment (doc)
  Authorization to Use X-ray Equipment (pdf)
  Caution X-ray
  Emergency Contacts (doc)
  Emergency Contacts (pdf)
  Notice to Employees
  Offsite X-ray Emergency Procedures
  Reference Listing for X-ray Trainings
  VDH's Radiation Procedures for Vet Offices (doc)
  VDH's Radiation Procedures for Vet Offices (pdf)
  VDH's Radiation Safety Procedures (doc)
  VDH's Radiation Safety Procedures (pdf)
  X-ray Emergency Procedures
  X-Ray Machine Certificate
  X-Ray Operators List
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