Environmental, Health and Safety Services


Asbestos Operations and Maintenance

Information for those who may work in the vicinity of asbestos containing materials.

Emergency Planning

Procedures for dealing with emergencies at Virginia Tech.


Protect employees from ergonomic risk factors such as force and repetition.

Excavation Safety

Guidelines for excavation by competent persons

Fire and Life Safety

Policies and procedures that satisfy the code and legal obligations of Virginia Tech.

First Aid/CPR/AED

Training and certification requirements for first aid

Hearing Loss Prevention

Information for the protection of the hearing abilities of Virginia Tech employees.

Heat Stress

How to prevent heat stress with water, rest, and shade.

Lead Hazard Control

Information to help minimize the exposure of personnel to lead


Requirements for the control of hazardous energy sources

Machine Shop Safety

Requirements for machine shop supervisors

Occupational Health Assurance

Surveillance of all employees who are exposed to potentially harmful conditions

Personal Protective Equipment

Hazard evaluation and selection and use of PPE

Respiratory Protection

Information regarding hazard exposures and the use of respiratory devices