Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Farm Safety

All-Terrain Vehicles

Requirements for ATV operators

Chain Saw Safety

Information for personnel using chain saws

Compressed Gas Cylinders

Requirements for the storage, handling and use of all compressed gases whether they are flammable or nonflammable.

Confined Spaces

Requirements for entering confined spaces

Electrical Safety

Information for electrical qualified persons

Farm Safety

Information on tractor safety and related farm hazards

Hearing Loss Prevention

Information for the protection of the hearing abilities of Virginia Tech employees.

Heat Stress

How to prevent heat stress with water, rest, and shade.


Requirements for the control of hazardous energy sources

Machine Shop Safety

Requirements for machine shop supervisors

Personal Protective Equipment

Hazard evaluation and selection and use of PPE

Safety and Health Program for Animal Handlers

Safety and Health Program for Employees Working With or Around Animals or Animal Products