Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Research Centers and Farms

Bloodborne Pathogens

Safety policies for employees who have a potential for exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens

Chemical Safety

Information regarding hazardous chemical use, handling, and storage for the Chemical Hygiene Plan and the Hazard Communication Plan.

Environmental Compliance

Information to ensure university compliance with environmental regulations.

Farm Safety

Information on tractor safety and related farm hazards

Fire and Life Safety

Policies and procedures that satisfy the code and legal obligations of Virginia Tech.

Hazard Monitoring

Information to manage and reduce personnel exposure to hazardous materials.

Laser Safety

Explains the compliance requirements for the proper use of Class 3b & 4 lasers.

Personal Protective Equipment

Hazard evaluation and selection and use of PPE

Radiation Safety

Information regarding radioisotopes and any equipment generating or releasing radiation.

Respiratory Protection

Information regarding hazard exposures and the use of respiratory devices

Safety and Health Program for Animal Handlers

Safety and Health Program for Employees Working With or Around Animals or Animal Products

Waste Removal

This program explains how to properly dispose of waste that should not be simply thrown away.