Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Award for Safety Excellence

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2017 Virginia Tech Award for Safety Excellence. Environmental Health and Safety is seeking nominations for a department, group or employee whose efforts or initiatives have resulted in a safer work environment or substantially helped to eliminate or minimize loss or injury.


All Virginia Tech salaried staff at any pay band level, as well as administrative or professional faculty, are eligible for consideration.


Nominations may be made by any employee; however, self-nominations are not acceptable. Previous award recipients are not eligible until five years after receiving the award.

Nominations should include a one-page statement from the nominator describing the reason for the nomination. The statement should clearly identify the most compelling reason for the nomination and specific examples that illustrate the employee, group or department's safety efforts and initiatives. Nominations should also provide specific details such as:

  • An explanation of the program or efforts undertaken by the department, group or employee to eliminate or minimize the risk of loss or injury.
  • Reasons for the development of the safety or loss prevention program.
  • An assessment as to whether the program as developed could be applied to other departments.
  • The costs associated with the safety/loss prevention program.
  • How the effectiveness of the safety/loss prevention program is measured.
  • The number of employees or students covered by the program.

Please include one letter of endorsement from individuals who have direct knowledge of the safety efforts or initiatives of the department, group or employee.


Nominations will be reviewed by representatives from the University Chemical Safety Committee, the Occupational Health and Safety Committee, and Environmental Health and Safety.

Send nominations to: University Safety Award, EHS, mail code 0423.

Nomination Deadline: March 21, 2017

Award Winners

The winner and all nominees will be honored at a ceremony on April 11, 2017. The featured speaker will be self-styled "Stunt Scientist, Experience Engineer, Inventor, TV Producer, Science Presenter & Author" Steve Wolf. Wolf has with experience with Newsweek and The Discovery Channel. During his presentation, Wolf will discuss the science, technology, engineering, and math (subjects collectively known as STEM) concepts behind movie stunts and special effects.