Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Radiation Safety Training Information

Welcome to the Virginia Tech Radiation Safety Office's on-line training programs. These training modules are intended for individuals at Virginia Tech to:

  • Receive certification to operate analytical x-ray equipment,
  • Receive certification to operate cabinet x-ray equipment,
  • Receive certification to operate diagnostic x-ray equipment or hold patients,
  • Receive DOT Training for Niton XRF use,
  • Receive initial certification for nuclear medicine work at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH Blacksburg) or the Equine Medical Center (EMC Leesburg),
  • Maintain certification to use radioactive material in laboratories (Laboratory Radiation Safety Refresher), or
  • Maintain certification for nuclear medicine work at VTH (Blacksburg) or EMC (Leesburg).

The following classes are added to your Scholar Worksites by the Radiation Safety Officer upon request and approval.

  • Complete Initial Principal User Training for nuclear medicine work at EMC (Leesburg) or VTH (Blacksburg),
  • Complete Principal User Refresher Training for nuclear medicine work at EMC (Leesburg) or VTH (Blacksburg), and
  • Complete initial Sealed Source Radiation Safety Training for work with specific sources such as moisture / density gauges and electron capture detectors (ECD) for gas chromatographs.

Please note when working with radioisotopes for the first time (excluding radiopharmaceuticals in nuclear medicine), refer to the Radioactive Material Safety Training page for information on required Initial Training.

Radiation Safety Training Instructions

  • Go to training class schedule to preregister for a particular training module. Scroll down to the "Radiation Safety" section. Everyone must preregister.
  • Go to Scholar on the Virginia Tech website and log on with your Virginia Tech PID and password.
  • Go to "My Workspace" and click on "Membership" tab.
  • Click on "Joinable Sites" and then search for "Radiation Safety" in the search window provided.
  • Join the appropriate site(s) to enroll.
  • Continue with each site joined to complete the training. You MUST enroll / join through Scholar (in addition to the EHS pre-registration) to access the Radiation Safety courses online. Please note browser requirements detailed on Scholar site.

NOTE: If you do not have a Virginia Tech PID, contact the Radiation Safety Officer at (540) 231-5364 or smileydc@vt.edu to have a current email account added to Scholar site. Then a password can be issued by going to "Reset Guest Login Password" section at https://scholar.vt.edu/portal/. You can reset your password ONLY after your email address has been entered.