Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Hazard Communication Plan (Non-Laboratory Requirements)

The Hazard Communication Plan applies to all non-laboratory and non-warehouse workplaces where employees are exposed to hazardous chemicals/products. This written plan describes how that facility will implement the program.

Note: Chemical laboratories should follow requirements for laboratories.

The designated program coordinator should complete the "Hazard Communication Plan" template ( doc). The plan should be printed out and placed in a binder (or maintained on an accessible computer) with all required supporting documents, such as the chemical list and safety data sheets (SDS). The binder or computer must be kept in a location where it can be accessed by affected personnel at all times. Steps include:

  • Assigning responsible parties to implement and maintain the specified program requirements.
  • Placing a copy of the Chemical List with the plan.
  • Placing copies of SDSs for all products listed on the Chemical List with the plan.
  • Conduct employee training on the plan, include the location of the plan and SDSs, and document it on the "Training Record for Hazardous Chemicals/Products". The supervisor or program coordinator should maintain this record in a separate file along with other training documentation.
  • Reviewing the plan and updating as necessary. Remember to enter the date, reviewer, and relative comments to the "Record of Annual Review".

Hazard Communication Plan Template ( doc )

Hazardous Chemical List ( doc )