Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Introduction

The principal objective of the Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Program is to minimize the exposure of building occupants and maintenance and custodial personnel to airborne asbestos fibers by:

  • Survey and periodic reassessment of all suspect and known asbestos-containing materials (ACM) to monitor the condition of ACM and ensure that ACM is maintained in an undamaged (non-hazardous) condition.
  • Ensuring that asbestos fibers that may have been previously released into the atmosphere are properly filtered and/or contained.
  • Training individuals who may encounter ACM during their normal work activities. For a list of upcoming classes, click here.
  • Developing work practices and procedures that will allow renovation, construction or emergency maintenance to be performed safely without exposing employees, building occupants, or members of the public to airborne asbestos fibers. These procedures include the Work Order Permit Review System, which is explained in detail in Section 3.0 of this document, and Standard Work Practices and Procedures, which are outlined in Section 4.0.

This program has been designed to comply with applicable state and federal regulations pertaining to asbestos. This program shall remain in force until all ACM has been removed from all university properties.

Background information on asbestos and the health effects related to asbestos exposure is available through Environmental, Health and Safety Services (EHS). Interested persons may request this information by contacting EHS at 231-2509.