Environmental, Health and Safety Services

How can my department get an AED?

AED's (Automatic External Defibrillators) are purchased and installed in many public spaces on campus already.  If your department wishes to have an AED, but does not fall within the criteria, then one may be purchased by the department.

AEDs typically cost between $2000-$3000.  It is important that you coordinate the brand with Virginia Tech Rescue Squad (231-7138 or vtrescue@vt.edu) to maintain uniformity and efficiency.

AEDs must be properly maintained and inspected regularly to ensure that they are ready to use at any given time.  Replacing batteries, updating programming as protocols change, and replacing expired pads are common maintenance activities.

Personnel should be trained in cardo-pulmonary resuscitation in order for the AED to be used effectively.  CPR training (where there is no specific job requirement for it) can be scheduled through EHSS for a reasonable per-person fee.