Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Contact Information

All five-digit phone numbers are VT Campus numbers in the format 540-23x-xxxx.

Our campus mail code is 0423.

If you know who you need to talk to or their program area, please select from the list below. Otherwise, please call our customer service number 1-3600.


Name Title Email
Franklin, Lance Assistant Vice President lfranklin@vt.edu
Farley, Robertine Administrative Assistant 1-5770 rfarley@vt.edu
VanDyke, Michelle Fiscal Manager 1-2981 mvandyke@vt.edu

Biological Safety

Name Title Phone Email
Waggoner, Charlotte University Biosafety Officer 1-5864 ren@vt.edu
Kroner, Anna Associate Biosafety Officer 1-1122 acastigl@vt.edu
Wakley, Chris Associate Biosafety Officer 1-3361 cwakley@vt.edu
Soni, Shilpa Assistant Biosafety Officer 1-0976 shilpa@vt.edu
Stevens-Mauldon, Susan Biosafety Trainer/Educator 1-8223 sestevens@vt.edu
Owen, Sarah Industrial Hygienist 1-4034 sowen@vt.edu

Laboratory Safety

Name Title Phone Email
Mondy, Bernadette Assistant Director 1-8758 bmondy@vt.edu
Conner, Donald Offsite Services Coordinator 1-7611 dcon@vt.edu
Layman, Rachel University Chemical Hygiene Officer 1-3427 ralayman@vt.edu
Strader, Cynthia Lab Safety Compliance Officer 1-2699 cynth@vt.edu
Ritenour, Joey Laboratory Inspector 1-6321 jrit@vt.edu
Lowe, Rob Environmental Programs Manager 1-2510 rlowe@vt.edu
Pegues, Valerie Industrial Hygienist, Chemical Exposure 1-2509 spvaler@vt.edu
Imperatore, Frank Hazardous Materials Manager 1-2982 imperato@vt.edu
Open Hazardous Materials Specialist 1-6321
Dove, Ross Hazardous Materials Technician 1-6321 rtdove@vt.edu
Bishop, Justin Hazardous Materials Technician 1-6321 justinb2@vt.edu

Occupational Safety and Health

Name Title Phone Email
Adams, Zack Assistant Director 1-5985 adamsz@vt.edu
Miller, Robin Occupational Safety Programs 1-2341 rmmiller@vt.edu
Laratonda, Elliot Occ. Safety Compl. Off. - General Safety 1-8294 epl@vt.edu
Porterfield, Curt Training Programs Coordinator 1-8759 cuporter@vt.edu
Watson, Lee Safety and Health Trainer 1-9198 kernlw1@vt.edu
Williams, Jeremy Fire Safety & Life Safety Programs Manager 1-4207 jewilli6@vt.edu
Spradlin, Josh Fire Protection Inspector 1-9068 sspradl@vt.edu
Dadras, Juliet Manager of Medical Services Program 1-8733 mjdadras@vt.edu
Moore, Albert Industrial Hygienist 1-3080 chronos@vt.edu
St. Clair, Lisa Medical Services Program 1-3919 lckenny@vt.edu
Amanda Moser Medical Services Program 1-3851 agmoser@vt.edu

Radiation Safety

Name Title Phone Email
Smiley, Doug Assistant Director 1-5364 smileydc@vt.edu
Dept. Fax Machine 1-3944  

Website Feedback

Name Title Phone Email
Lowe, Rob Environmental Programs Manager/Web Coordinator 1-2510 rlowe@vt.edu


The Health and Safety Building is located at 675 Research Center Drive, across from Burrows-Burleson Tennis Center. Main building access is from the paved parking lot on the south side of the building.

Location on Campus Map

On this map (1 MB PDF), we are located in quadrant N-12, building number 459.

Driving Directions

  • Follow the directions to Virginia Tech.
  • From US 460, turn onto Route 314, Southgate Drive. Turn right at the second stop light onto Research Center Drive. The Health and Safety Building is located on the left near the top of the hill.